Edith Falls

Nitmiluk National Park, Leilyn

The Edith Falls turn of is situated off the Stuart Highway 42km north of Katherine and  then you drive in another 19km on bitumen road.
Close to the carpark and at the base of Edith Falls is a large pandanus fringed plunge pool that is a popular swimming area. There are also some really nice walks in the park. One includes the Leilyn Trail, which is a 2.6km round trip that climbs to the top of the escarpment and then down to the upper pools. The walk offers amazing views over the waterfalls and Edith River. The upper pool provides a welcome swimming hole after the walk. There are longer walks available following the Edith River that come to beautiful secluded swimming holes.
Edith Falls is a popular place to camp or pull the caravan in for the evening.

No Pets
No Fishing
During the wet season the plunge pool may be closed for swimming and access into the park is sometimes limited.